Thursday, August 11

Trans-Labrador Highway

I'm now traveling the Trans-Labrador Highway - the only road that crosses Labrador, and until recently the longest gravel road in North America (they've been slowly paving it) it's nearly 700 miles long (Red Bay to Labrador City) with around 300 miles still gravel. Most people now refer to it as North America's Loneliest Road. The road (and surrounding area) is so devoid of services the the Province encourages you to participate in their "bag phone" program - they loan you a satellite phone for the duration of your drive. I picked mine up at a Red Bay mini mart and will turn it in when I Labrador City. So with the Sat Phone and my emergency locator (the gizmo that provide the track for MapShare) I'm good too go! I'll let you know how lonely it is, when I can find wifi.

In Red Bay I stopped at the Basque Whalers Interperative Center. It tells the interesting story of the Basque Whalers, who in the 1700s, made this area of Labrador the world's largest producer of whale oil - which fueled the lamps of Europe. At its peak nearly 2000 Basques would make the seasonal trip from Spain and France to hunt and process the whales, and Red Bay was at the center of this operation. Interesting story.