Sunday, October 12

Travel Break

After forty days on the road I'm now at home in Bardstown for a couple of months. Still some work to be done on the house we purchased (kitchen remodel) and the holidays are coming up - so the van will be in the driveway for a bit. If this year's weather is anything close to a repeat of last year, I will probably head south in January in search of some warmth - after 15 years in the tropics I'm not a big fan of frigid.

Bardstown Courthouse


Saturday, October 11

Nearing The End

I've left Cumberland Gap enroute to Bardstown so this trip is about to end. Forty days, just over 4100 miles, 10 States (some more than once) and one Canadian Province - and a lot of smiles. I now have 5300 travel miles on the van and only 18 of those miles have been on the Interstate and it continues to amaze what I find when I Take The Long Way.


Friday, October 10

Back In The Gap

Enroute from Asheville to Bardstown I'm spending the night in Cumberland Gap National Historical Park. It has a nice (inexpensive) campground and it's at about halfway point - everything is good, except that it's raining.

Before the rain, at my campsite.


Wednesday, October 8

Helping The Asheville Economy

After Expo I've just been hanging around the Asheville area. I took the van back to Morehead Design to have a couple of things added, and then in for routine service at the local dealer. Also did some shopping for "stuff" I absolutely need to survive while on the road. Between the goodies I bought at Expo and hitting the outdoor gear stores, the "stuff" budget took a hit over this last week.


Sunday, October 5

Expo East

I've been at Overland Expo East for the last three days and it's been great. Had the opportunity to take some classes, talk to interesting people and attend seminars - all of which will help me to prepare for my trip to Alaska next year.

"Overlanders" are travelers (not tourist) that explore the world, usually in vehicles that are modified or built to allow remote travel. These trucks, motorcycles, and trailers are the homes for these travelers for trips, both short and extended (years). They may be traveling around the world or just here in North America - but they all enjoy the challenges and adventure associated with getting off the beaten path. These "adventure travelers" are simply a great group of people, and fun to be around.


Thursday, October 2

Overland Expo East

I'll be in Asheville, NC for the weekend at Expo East. I've been joined by my good friend Don (he rides a BMV motorcycle) and we will attend classes, look at overland vehicles (purpose built or modified vehicles for long duration travel) and talk to people that, in some cases, are traveling around the world. I will post pictures tomorrow to give you an idea of what is going on.