Wednesday, August 31

Lock It Up (Or Down)

Another of my unplanned side trips yielded an interesting half hour watching the action at the Magnetawan Lock and another waterside lunch spot on a nice sunny day here in Onterio.

I'll let the historic plaque give you the background on this still functioning piece of history.

These folks are "locking up"
Now at the upper level the two lock attendants are opening the gates - no motors in this operation
Away they go
Lunch stop, locks are off in the distance


Tuesday, August 30

Tick Tock

On down the road I spot a sign for the Canadian Clock Museum as I enter the little town of Deep River. Sounds (seems like I could hear the tick tocks calling) like something worth a little of my time 0:) and, it was! The "curator" started the museum as a retirement project 17 years ago, and he certainly knows (and likes to talk about) his clocks, all of which were made in Canada.


Monday, August 29

Another Crossing

I'm now in the Province of Ontario having arrived yesterday (you'll never be able to guess how) by my own personal ferry - no waiting in line. The ferry arrives and the guy says "you wanna cross" - I say, pointing to the other side "is that Ontario" - he, "yes" (he has the look that says, everybody knows that) - I drive aboard and we cross the Ottawa River in about 5 minutes.


One of the first little towns I enter after the crossing is Pembroke - spot a mural and decide I should take a little walk. As usual I'm rewarded.


Saturday, August 27

Just A Nice Day

Nothing special - it was just a nice day. Started out in farm country along the Saint Lawence, then a country road along the Saint Maurice River, and finally exploring the La Mauricie National Park (where I stayed the night).

The Saint Maurice River
In a small city park along the river


These are from La Mauricie National Park.

Over 150 lakes in the park - alas, my kayak wasn't delivered in time for this trip
Lunch stop - seems like a sandwich always tastes better with a view like this!



My only wildlife sighting today
For the flower lovers out there


Friday, August 26

Quebec City

Usually I avoid the big cities, but yesterday I ventured into Qubec City for a look see. Spent most of the day wandering around, and enjoyed my visit (even with the way too many tourists) - was even going back today, but yesterday's overcast has turned to rain so I'm moving on down the road.

Found a nice city park (free parking) on the river below Old Quebec City
Only one problem with parking below the city
They even numbered them
Part of the Governors Promenade
Street performers are part of the experience


Wednesday, August 24

The Art Train

Today I took a little train ride - La Malbaie to Baie-Saint Paul, about a 90 mile trip (one way) that gave me 4 hours to explore Saint Paul before the return. Saint Paul is an artist's town, lots of galleries, street art and it was hosting a art symposium - plenty to see. All aboard!

This train is very similar to the one Grandpa Nadeau let me operate back in the late 50s
Along the way, most of the route followed the shoreline of the Saint Lawence.


From my walk around Saint Paul.


And from the symposium.

The artist was from Whitehorse, Yukon. She traveled the entire Trans-Canada Highway and did these small paintings, one every 50 miles
Tiny boats