Sunday, June 25

The Great Race

After walking around the Chattanooga Market I headed over to check out the finish of today's leg of the Great Race in Chattanooga. Over 125 vehicles are participating in this nine-day, 2,300-mile rally, everthing from a 1909 American Simplex, to a 1971 Chevrolet Corvette.

Plus the Chattanooga Cruise-In. So lots of interesting cars to look at.

Saturday, June 24

Around Town

Coolidge Park
Coolidge Park from the Market Street Bridge

Wednesday, June 21

What's Up?

Why its me, in a new (for me) flying machine - all my previous flying experience had been in helicopters and small/medium fixed wing airplanes so this was quite a change! A couple of days ago I climbed aboard this ultralight weight shift aircraft for a flight above Jasper, Tennessee. If you think it looks a lot like a hang glider, you're right - except this thing has a fuselage (sort of) and an engine. The other major difference between this this aircraft, and the traditional aircraft I'd flown in the past - no license required, hey, even you can do it!

Sorry, no pictures from the air - maybe next time.

Sunday, June 18

Walking Chattanooga

My fitbit said 16,493 steps today! Here's some of what I saw.

Saturday, June 17


Just a short visit to my favorite midsize US city. Chattanooga was our first stop when we returned to the states from Panama, and I've been back twice since our initial stay. The downtown is very walkable, and they've done a great job with RiverWalk (a 13 mile park along the Tennessee River) and Coolidge and Renaissance Parks, also along the riverfront. The Market Street Bridge (pedestrians only) Tennessee Aquarium, Hunter Museum, University of Tennessee Chattanooga, two sports stadiums, the Choo Choo, and Chattanooga Marketplace (farmers market) are all downtown - and you can use the free electric busses to visit most everything. I like this place, although its a little hot, but it does have four ice cream shops downtown - so that helps.

First the river and the RiverBend Festival.

The Market.

my favorite vendor

Thursday, May 18

Back To Bardstown

We've got a little family medical situation (not an emergency) back in Bardstown so I'm heading home. Will still post if I see anything interesting on the way, but the saga of a newbie campground host will need to wait until another time and place.

Sunday, May 14

Spectacle Lake

Arrived a few hours ago, just getting settled in. Took a walk around the campground and it's just me (no campers yet) and a few bugs, luckily I've got my "Bug Hat" so I should be able to survive. Nice lake, and my campsite is only a few steps from the water. Will try to do a little tour movie, but it may be a few days as it looks like rain is on the way.

Saturday, May 13

Found It!

Finally made it to Wisconsin as I crossed the Saint Croix River from Minnesota.

Just a short distance down the road it was a combined cheese and ice cream stop.

Then I pulled into tonight's campground on Shell Lake. Tomorrow I should be a Spectacle Lake.