Sunday, March 26

Back Home

Thursday, March 23

Everyone's Backroad

For those that think my passion for exploring backroads always means a dusty/bumpy adventure, let me offer up, what I think is, one of the best backroad driving experiences in the US. Everyone should give it try at least once - The Blue Ridge Parkway is both a National Parkway an All-American Road and America's longest (469 miles) linear park rolled into one. It's the ultimate backroad as it winds itself through North Carolina and Virginia.

After our Parkway run I dropped Don off in Christiansburg, Virginia. Yup, we both survived another adventure (62 days, 10,000 miles), are still friends and plan to do it again!

Tuesday, March 21

Back Where It Started

Back in July of 2014 I had just picked up my completed van conversion and needed somewhere to camp that first night - so I headed just down the road to the North Mills River Campground in the Pisgah National Forest, near Asheville NC.

Tonight I'm spending night number 569 in the van and I'm back at Mills River - it certainly doesn't seem that long ago! Lots of memories, stories, and friends made while out traveling the backroads - with, hopefully, more to come. To those of you with the patience to read this blog, I hope you've enjoyed the ride so far!

Remember: Whatever roads you travel in life, make sure to include some backroads and dirt paths. Make some unplanned turns. Take an occasional road to nowhere. And, try to slow down and Take The Long Way - it sure is fun!

Sunday, March 19

Along The Chattahoochee

Today we crossed the Chattahoochee River at Columbus Georgia and spent some time walking around downtown and RiverWalk Park. This midsized city (200,000) impressed both of us - nice waterfront park, walkable downtown, some well done restoration projects (old cotton warehouses and mill) along the river, and . . . . . a Kilwins Ice Cream shop!

Tonight we are, again, camped at waters edge courtesy of the Army Corps of Engineers.

Saturday, March 18

Taking It Easy

For the last two days we've just been taking it easy (enjoying the warmer temps) at another great Army Corps of Engineers campground - White Oak Creek near Eufaula, Alabama.

Thursday, March 16


As most of you already know, we rarely travel in a straight (logical) line - sometimes we even travel in circles. Yesterday, for instance, we started out in Mississippi, ducked into Louisiana, back into Mississippi, and are now in Alabama. Our meandering ways are seldom planned and most often "just happen" - occasionally with the assistance of the navigation app, that guides us, making sure we Take The Long Way. Case in point - yesterday, we apparently were traveling both North and South at the same time.

And, as is often the case, we were rewarded by our meandering ways - tonight's campsite is on the banks of the Tombigbee River, watching the tugboats doing their thing.

We also managed a 2+ mile hike on a trail at the campground.

Tuesday, March 14

Louisiana Backroads

Our trip is winding down as we've made our way across Louisiana and are now in Mississippi. It's finally stopped raining, but it's on the cool side. Here are just a few random pics taken as we wandered the backroads.

Saturday, March 11

Texas Gulf Coast

For the last three days we've been traveling along the Texas gulf coast. Starting just to the southwest of Corpus Christi, we crossed the intercostal waterway via the JFK Memorial Causeway to Padre Island and the Padre Island National Seashore. After two nights on the National Seashore we then continued up the barrier islands (using several bridges and two ferries) and are now camped on Crystal Beach, just east of Galveston, on the Bolivar Peninsula. Only one BIG issue with our island travels - it's rained all three days!

Tonight's free campsite.

Tuesday, March 7

West Of The Pecos

After Columbus, New Mexico we continued east and entered west Texas at El Paso, on down the road we spent the first night at Davis Mountains State Park Campground, Fort Davis, Texas. In the morning we drove Skyline Drive and saw an old CCC project.

Next up, the small town of Marfa, and lucky us - the DQ was open!

After finishing off our Blizzards, we headed for Big Bend Ranch State Park.

Our campsite for the night was fifty feet from the Rio Grande River (border between US & Mexico).

Next, Big Bend National Park - where we got one of the last five campsites in the entire park. Did a nice canyon hike, although it was a tab warm (95) - not bad in the shade, but in the sun it was hot!

The next day, shortly after leaving Big Bend we stoped in Langtry, TX - the little town where Judge Roy Bean, the "Law West of the Pecos", had his saloon and practiced law.

Then we crossed the Pecos River and the west Texas portion of our journey ends.