Wednesday, August 24

The Art Train

Today I took a little train ride - La Malbaie to Baie-Saint Paul, about a 90 mile trip (one way) that gave me 4 hours to explore Saint Paul before the return. Saint Paul is an artist's town, lots of galleries, street art and it was hosting a art symposium - plenty to see. All aboard!

This train is very similar to the one Grandpa Nadeau let me operate back in the late 50s
Along the way, most of the route followed the shoreline of the Saint Lawence.


From my walk around Saint Paul.


And from the symposium.

The artist was from Whitehorse, Yukon. She traveled the entire Trans-Canada Highway and did these small paintings, one every 50 miles
Tiny boats



  1. Another GREAT Adventure. I'm enjoying the trip. Safe travels.

  2. I woud have loved the train ride and St, Paul!