Tuesday, August 9

Farewell Newfoundland

After three very enjoyable weeks in Newfoundland I'll be boarding the MV Apollo in a couple of hours. The ferry runs from St. Barbe, Newfoundland to Blanc Sablon, Quebec - that's how you get to Labrador, the next part of this adventure.

Yesterday the sun was back - which certainly made things more enjoyable and I could actually see some of the things that were hiding in all that fog!

First up: Lighthouse Point in St. Anthony where I hit the jackpot - lighthouse, whales (still no useful pics), icebergs, hikes and a wildlife sighting.

A Silver Fox on one of the trails


Earlier a quick stop at Arches Provicial Park:


Then my last gravel road on the island:

The road ended in a small park with a trail to this salmon stream - this is where the stream disappears into a cave and then reappears a 1/4 mile away. The underground portion doesn't seem to bother the salmon, they just keep on going.


Two bonus photos:

Mural in the St. Anthony Hospital - those are individual ceramic tile you see that make up 3 very large murals.



  1. Great pictures, especially the Silver Fox, pretty rare.

  2. Again all the pictures were very interesting. You must be able to get to WIFI centers to send the pictures. The arches are amazing along with the icebergs. Thanks again.