Friday, January 22

Just Chillin In Bardstown


Tuesday, January 19


Had a nice drive today - thru a corner of North Carolina (near Murphy) and into Tennessee. Cold but sunny, looks like I may make it to Bardstown before the big storm.


Way Too Cold

Since leaving Florida where it was in the 70s the temperature has taken a nosedive. Last night in Georgia it got down to 19, which was way too cold, and Bardstown was in single digits - not good! With my (still) tropical blood not helping matters, my time outside taking pictures has taken a hit. So all you get it this post is a little flashback to Panama.

Santa Clara beach, our favorite.


Friday, January 15

Wet Start - Sunny End

After a big time storm passed over the Tampa area I headed north and was rewarded by sunny skies and temps in the low 70s. Pretty nice! I'm now in Silver Sptings State Park just east of Ocala and spent the afternoon walking some of the parks many trails. Silver Springs is a First Magnitude Spring (that means really big - one of the world's largest) that discharges an average 500 million gallons of water each day. It was also Florida's first tourist attraction and is home to the famous glass bottom boats.


Tuesday, January 12

Walking St. Pete

I'm a little under the weather but it was a nice day here in St. Pete so I got out and around (mostly on Central Avenue if you're familiar with the city) and snapped a few pics.


Saturday, January 9

Happy Travelin' Man

Just taking it easy


Friday, January 8

Laid Back Cedar Key

I'm back in my favorite Florida small town, Cedar Key. No high rises, few tourists, interesting history, some nice walking trails, great little county campground, and friendly people - make it a nice place to just take it easy. Oh, and it's also the home of Tony's Clam Chowder (and several other good restaurants) which is a big plus.


Wednesday, January 6

Just Some Florida Pics

Nothing exciting, so you get these photos taken while in Ochlockonee River and Manatee Springs State Parks in Florida. Little warmer today (60) so I managed to get out for a couple of short hikes.


Tuesday, January 5

48 Years Ago

Waaaaaaaay back in 1967 I had joined the army and was learning how to fly helicopters at the U.S.Army Warrant Officer Flight School. First at Fort Walters near Mineral Wells, Texas and then at Fort Rucker in Alabama for my advanced training. I had willingly chosen this path as I had reasoned it would surely be better to fly above Vietnam rather than walk around the country as a foot soldier - and I was right!

So today I took a little trip back in time and visited the U.S. Army Aviation Museum at Fort Rucker. It wasn't the most impressive aviation museum I've visited but it was special (for me) as it focused on Army Aviation and the aircraft I trained in and then flew in combat.

The TH-55 primary trainer
The OH-6A which I flew in Vietnam


Sunday, January 3

On The Road Again

Left Bardstown on the 1st for a short trip (3 weeks) - heading south, will see where the weather and sights take me.

Kentucky farm country
Tennessee fire tower road
High Rider in Rome, Georgia
All aboard in Palmetto, Georgia
Newman, Georgia
Little Trucks parked around the square, each painted by a local artist
My lakeside campsite near West Point, Georgia