Monday, March 30

A Little Exercise

The van has been just sitting in the drive so I decided it needed a little exercise before the big trip. Besides, it was a nice sunny day, too good to waste just puttering around the house. Covered 120 miles of backroads around Bardstown, a nice little afternoon drive.


Tuesday, March 17

Getting Ready

Just a quick update. The snow is gone (for good, we hope) - I'm working really hard (sort of) on projects around the house and, of course, getting the van ready for the BIG trip. Plan to leave Bardstown on Easter Sunday if the weather cooperates.


Saturday, March 7

Snowy Bardstown

Once I got out of the campground in Cumberland Gap (had to wait for the Park Service to plow the roads) it was a pretty uneventful drive back to Bardstown. Lots of snow, but the roads were in good shape. Now I've got a month to do a few projects around the house before the big Alaska trip begins.


Thursday, March 5

Remind Me Why

Quick, remind me why I'm dealing with this instead of the near 80 back in Cedar Key.


Sunday, March 1

Not Your Ordinary Wall

While cruising the Georgia backroads on my northbound trek I spotted this in the little town of Harlem. It always amazes me what you find in these small towns.


Slow Down, don't move so fast.