Saturday, August 20

Along The North Shore

Easy day today as I made my way along the north shore of the Saint Lawence. Whale watching is big on this stretch of river, so I stopped for a short hike and to check out one of the prime viewing spots. Alas, the whales were somewhere else - but hey, the sun was out a the walk was nice.

Lots of watchers, this is a all day thing for most of these folks - picnic lunch, chairs, and just laying on the boulders waiting.
Come early and you get the "red chairs"
Also has a lighthouse, with a nice interperative center


Back on the road coming into the town of Tadoussac and I'm greeted by all kinds of signs (in French) telling me what lane I need to be in for the ferry. FERRY! This is surprising because I'm on highway 138, the main road along the north shore with lots of traffic. But I randomly pick a lane, figuring I can play dumb tourist if it turns out to be a bad guess. Everyone stops, I see a ferry, and we wait. Turns out that it didn't matter what lane I picked, I'm not sure what all those signs were for. After a short wait we rolled onto the ferry for 15 minute ride across the Saguenay River. The system works (at least today) because there are three ferries - one loading on each side of the river, while the third is in transit - back and forth they go, quickly!