Thursday, August 4

Fjord Now A Pond

I'm still in Gros Morne and decided to take a little cruise on Western Brook Pond. This body of water was once connected to the ocean (it was a fjord then) but is now a long and narrow "pond" with shear 2000 foot high rock walls. It was a nice leisurely two hour cruise on the pond, but . . . the 1 1/2 mile hike (each way) too reach the boat left me with a few aches!

Several sections of the trail are boardwalk
crushed stone for most of the 1 1/2 miles

This is the end of the Pond
Several waterfall, but the lake is filed mostly by rainwater and snow melt


Two short (I promise) tales from the boat:

Pie Fight?

I was on the bow enjoying the sights when I noticed two young guys, one sets his backpack down, unzips a pouch and hauls out a pie. The other takes his picture. He puts the pie away. Must be a tale here I say - so I wander over and ask. They were two French Canadians from Montreal, traveling across Newfoundland by bike (no simple ride in the park, I assure you). They had a friend who couldn't make the trip with them. The friend has a great fondness for pie. So . . . they decided, take a pie on their adventure and take pictures at the interesting places they (and the pie) visited. Hey, sounds go to me. Think I need a slice!


Next up (tale wise) still on the boat: I'd been talking to a couple from Philadelphia here on a short vacation and was asked about some of the places I'd visited. Of course, I had to tell them the "Fogo Island Tale" especially how I got to see the "Newfoundland Legand" Eddie Coffey perform. Just when I wrapping up the tale, the tour guide announces that he's going to play some authentic Newfoundland music as we head towards the dock and over the speakers comes my good friend Eddie singing "Grey Foggy Day" - what timing!


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  1. Could have been a good place for a kayak, if you had yours.