Wednesday, August 3

A Coastal Day

My 2nd day in Gros Morne I left Woody Point and meandered up the coast, along East and South Arms, then Bonne Bay and finally along the Gulf of St. Lawrence - always, it seemed, within sight of the water. A stop a Lobster Point Head (for one of the best interpretative walks I've had anywhere) then Rocky Harbour for a late lunch, then Salmon Point, finally stopping at Green Point where I, again, scored a fantastic campsite.

Bonnie from Parks Canada really new her local history, grew up nearby and her father was a fisherman for over 60 years
Lobster Cove Lighthouse
I even had two chairs right at my campsite
and this is what I was looking at last night



  1. Great pictures, amazing memories from my past trip. I never saw ice bergs. Look for whales, I did see some.

  2. Well you finally found a chair. Where is the ice cream? You really have gotten such nice pictures of the sunset and light house. Will you be going future north in Newfoundland?