Tuesday, January 31

Meandering To Mulege

Just 35 miles today as we moved slowly down the east coast of Baja. We're now in the small town of Mulege (moo-la-hey) enjoying some great weather (finally, the wind has abated) - sunny, mid 70s. Had a nice lunch, did our laundry and stopped in at a bakery, before heading out to the lighthouse for a little walk.

a little after hike siesta

Dos Cervezas Por Favor - 1/30/17 Mon

It's a hard life, but somebody has to do it!

Rock Art (Pinturas) - 1/29/17 Sun

Another little excursion today - we left San Ignacio and had a (mostly) easy drive to Cueva del Raton, one of several "rock art" sites in this area of Baja. The drive took us up to 3900 feet, and along a canyon rim with some great views. The actual petroglyphs (discovered in 1890) are part of a larger UNESCO World Heritage Site.

We had this little traffic jam

Monday, January 30

Small World - 1/28/17 Sat

Pleasant day today, 70 and sun - the problem is the big time wind. Managed find a bank ATM, a Baja map and some useable (barely) cell/internet service. Tonight we are camped by the San Ignacio River having arrived in the village of San Ignacio late today.

While checking out the Mision Church in the village square we saw this loncheria - take special note of the lady sitting at the table.

The story: It started when the lady volunteered that the fish fillets were really good and in the ensuing conversation I mentioned the Alaskan trip - she said "did you visit Dawson City" - me, "we did" - her, "I'm from Dawson, and work there during the summer" - me, starting to think I've meet her somewhere, "what do you do?" - her, "I'm one of the interpretive guides in Dawson" - me, "that's it, you gave us a tour two years ago!" Don still had this picture of her on his iPhone.

Ah, you say, that's pretty incredible - but the story continues! The next customers to sit at the same table where two young cyclists - one of the guys also had worked in Dawson City as a guide. Then the final "small world" indicator. Leaving the square the young man flags us down - he'd seen the PEI (Prince Edward Island) sticker on the van - he's from PEI. End of story, and one of the many reasons I love traveling - you never know!

Some pics around San Ignacio.

Our campsite

Mision de San Francisco - 1/27/17 Fri

Talking to fellow travelers (campers) is always a great way to obtain information about the local area and we do it every chance we get. Last night Don talked to some motorcycle riders and they said a side trip to a historical sight was worth the effort - "the road isn't great but was doable with only one really bad spot". Sounded good, so we decided to give it a try.

Our little sidetrip turned out to be 50 miles on a really bad gravel/rock/sand/ mud road to Mision de San Francisco - our average speed, 12mph! The good news, it was worth the effort - Jose gave us a great tour (despite my way poor espanol) of both the Mision and his farm.

Sunday, January 29

Baja Backroads - 1/26/17 Thur

Our little convoy has now gone its separate ways - different interests and time constraints. Don and I are going further south and starting to do our backroads thing. Heading towards Bahia de Los Angeles we did a long (and rough) section of gravel and visited Coco's Corner (Google it) a Baja landmark and pitstop for many of the Baja overland races. Coco offered to sell us a beer, but we just moved on. Found a nice oceanfront campsite on the Golfo de California ($10) and got some helpful Baja travel info from a nice Canadian couple and a group of motorcycle riders for the next day.

Saturday, January 28

Old Time Baja - 1/25/17 Wed

Our little convoy (plus Mike, who joined us while in San Felipe) continued south and tonight we are camped at the waters edge in Puertecitos. On the way Don and I made a little sidetrip to Valle de los Gigantes, saw some pretty impressive cactus and got a little backroad driving in. A potluck chili and grilled cheese sandwich dinner closed out the day. It's a little cooler than we expected (60) and windy, but still enjoyable.

Tuesday, January 24

Good First Day

Our little convoy of four crossed into Mexico today with only one minor hitch - one of our group was delayed at the entry point, when the immigration officer determined that they needed a visitor permit. So . . . we got separated in the little border town of Algadones - Michael and Lynn got a little stressed, but we all got back together after only a short delay. Then it was a leisurely four hour drive south, along Baja's eastern coast (Sea of Cortez) to the small village of San Felipe where we are camped tonight. Highlights of the day: Going thru our first military checkpoint. Our first walk on a Baja beach. Dinner tonight at Rosita's.

Don, Rick, Lynn, Carol and Michael
Our campo in San Felipe

Monday, January 23


We (myself, Don, Rick & Carol) walked into Algadones, Mexico today to get our visitor's permit and have dinner. The Mexican immigration official was very helpful (he opened the office just for us) gave us some Baja tips and recommended the restaurant where we had a great meal. Tonight we are back in the USA, and "camping" at the Q Casino - back into Mexico tomorrow with our vehicles as our Baja adventure starts.

Sunday, January 22

Last Day In Quartzsite

I picked Don up in Phoenix on Friday and we've spent the last two days wrapping up the RTR and walking around the big RV show in town. We bought some "must have" items for the van in "The Big Tent" and eat some great BBQ. Tonight is our last night in Quartzsite, tomorrow we head to Yuma then on to Baja on Tuesday.