Wednesday, August 17

Into Quebec Province

Dateline: Near Fermont, Quebec Province, Canada. Tiny white van encounters a gigantic yellow thing!

This truck was in service for 17 years and carried over 34 MILLION tons of iron ore.


I'm now in Quebec Province after an easy 145 mile drive from outside Labrador City, Labrador to Fermont, Quebec. Both of those towns are essentially "company towns" and probably wouldn't exist were it not for the very large iron ore mines near both. Not very exciting places - but . . . I always manage to find something, so tomorrow I'm taking a tour of the mine here in Fermont. Tonight's campsite is a parking lot at the high school - not very scenic, but it's free.



  1. Where are you finding all this Wi Fi?

  2. The Map Share has a break on Sunday what happened?

  3. That is interesting that you can find WiFi in those back areas. But it is great to see the pictures. Thanks from my chair.