Thursday, May 18

Back To Bardstown

We've got a little family medical situation (not an emergency) back in Bardstown so I'm heading home. Will still post if I see anything interesting on the way, but the saga of a newbie campground host will need to wait until another time and place.

Sunday, May 14

Spectacle Lake

Arrived a few hours ago, just getting settled in. Took a walk around the campground and it's just me (no campers yet) and a few bugs, luckily I've got my "Bug Hat" so I should be able to survive. Nice lake, and my campsite is only a few steps from the water. Will try to do a little tour movie, but it may be a few days as it looks like rain is on the way.

Saturday, May 13

Found It!

Finally made it to Wisconsin as I crossed the Saint Croix River from Minnesota.

Just a short distance down the road it was a combined cheese and ice cream stop.

Then I pulled into tonight's campground on Shell Lake. Tomorrow I should be a Spectacle Lake.

Friday, May 12

This Is What Happens

On the way from Kentucky to Wisconsin this is what happens when you Take The Long Way. First, Iowa and now Minnesota - I'm pretty sure Wisconsin is up here somewhere!

After some heavy rain on Wednesday, both Thursday and Friday have been perfect - 70 and lots of sun. I'm just enjoying the backroads through farming country.

Campground outside Mason City Iowa

Thursday, May 11

Free Is Good

Always like it when I stumble across a free campsite - this one on the banks of the Mississippi, outside Wapello, Iowa. Yup, IOWA, this is the way to northern Wisconsin - right?

Tuesday, May 9

On The Road

This summer's trip will be different from the long "expeditions" I've taken the last couple of years - basically l'll be staying in one spot for most of the summer. Why? I just wanted to try something new, and I definitely wanted less driving and more relaxing, so. . . . . l've volunteered to be a Campground Host at a National Forest Service campground in northern Wisconsin. "My" campground is Spectacle Lake Campground in Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest, which straddles the Wisconsin/Michigan border - yup, way up there, in the Northwoods..

Will see how it goes with respect to blog posts - maybe I'll have all kinds of interesting tails to tell, or it might might be a bust (blog wise). Stay tuned, and if you find yourself in the Northwoods stop by.

Campground on Carlyle Lake, Illinois