Wednesday, July 6

Sometimes . . .

Sometimes the Long Way is too long! After a week on PEI (which I really enjoyed) it was time to move on down the road - plan "A" was to take the short ferry ride to Nova Scotia. Unfortunately, one of the two ferries was out of service and the resulting backup of traffic was huge - no ferry for me! So it was back to the Confederation Bridge (same way I had gotten to PEI) which resulted in a 243 mile day, way too many for these old bones. That was yesterday, so today was a combo rest and work day. I did manage to get the van serviced and laundry done, but I neglected to get pics of those exciting events, so this post is a little short on photos.

Leftover from PEI. One of those old wooden churches turned out to be the home of the Indian River Festival so I lucked into a evening concert by Rose Cousins (a Canadian Juno Award winner) in a fantastic venue.


And these from my first day on Nova Scotia.