Sunday, July 10

Antigonish Highland Games

"To any visitors in the crowd, we are just a small farming and fishing village that cherishes our Scotish heritage and these are our sports" that's how the announcer welcomed us to the 153rd Antigonish Highland Games.

The Games consisted of the Piping and Drumming Competition - the Maritime Scottish Heavy Weight Events (Caber Toss, 56lb Weight for Height, 22lb Scottish Hammer Throw, The Stones, and the 56lb Weight for Distance) - Tug of War - and a Celtic Dance Competion. In addition several Ceilidh, a gathering of the Clans, Scotish heritage events, and a StreetFair took place over the weekend - there was a lot going on!

I hope this short video gives you an idea of what happens at a Highland Games and this is only a small portion of the action. With respect to the athletic events, those weights you see these guys throwing around weigh 56lbs and the "caber" (log) is 17 feet long and weighs 100lbs.


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  1. Did you plan this stop or just stumble across it " TAKING THE LONG WAY"?