Saturday, July 23

Bonavista Peninsula

Moving on down the road a 100 miles I spent the day exploring the Bonavista Peninsula on the way to Cape Bonavista.


Out at Cape Bonavista I saw another unusual lighthouse (the only one like it in Canada) and walked around the oceanside cliffs. It was a tad windy, no whales to be seen - but I did see my first Atlantic iceberg.


A short drive from the Cape and I was in Dungeon Provincial Park - named for the unusual rock formations and caves - all formed by the pounding of the Atlantic Ocean.


After the Park I headed to Spillars Cove - the gravel road (I think it's primarily used by ATVs - just the kind of backroad I like) was a little challenging, but my lunch spot certainly had a great view!

Lunch stop
My view



  1. I've Bergs, that's what we wanted to see but never did. I said that I wanted to swim with one, until AK, I found out how cold the water can be. Enjoying the trip.

  2. Beautiful place for lunch. I swam and snorkeled yesterday in that quarry you had visited a couple mths ago, near Barre, VT. It was COLD, 15 minutes was all I could do.

  3. Great Pictures again. You had a nice long hick to take pictures of the van.
    We had 101 degrees here, could have used some of that cool air.

  4. Loving seeing Newfoundland through new eyes (words and lenses). Sharing your post to Newfoundland Iceberg Reports as we're near the end of season and really love seeing pictures from all areas of the Island.