Wednesday, July 13

Cabot Trail (side trip)

Total mileage for today was 131, but it took nearly seven hours (a whopping 18mph average) as it seemed like I was stopping every mile to admire the view, or take a little walk. A portion of the drive was on the Cabot Trail, but the highlight of the day was a little side trip to Meat Cove, along a twisty seaside backroad. Meat Cove is where the Gulf of St. Lawrence meets the Atlantic Ocean - it's also home to the Meat Cove Campground & Chowder Hut. The view was spectacular and the chowder (although different, seafood vs clam) was even better than Tony's in Cedar Key, Florida - didn't think that was possible.

Hope you enjoy the photos - they don't do the actual thing justice, but it's the best I could do.

Meat Cove

Special Note: Although I've never been accused of being a master of the English language, I did pause and wonder about the usage of "Meat" vs "Meet" in "Meat Cove" - after all, it is where the St. Lawrence meets the Atlantic. Shouldn't it be "Meet Cove"? Apparently not, I even checked with the local librarian "Meat" is correct - "Meat Cove" having been in existence long before someone started marketing it as the place where the two bodies of waters meet.


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  1. Chowder better than Tony's ?? Couldn't you drive the van down to the beach?