Monday, July 4

Along The Coast

I'm now on the eastern end of PEI, and have been driving the coast road for the last two days.

First stop the Point Prim Lighthouse, the oldest on PEI - it's also the only stone lighthouse in the province, and one of only three round lighthouses in Canada. Even more interesting, I thought, is that the original stone has been covered by wood shingles - because the stone couldn't handle the weather, but the shingles can.


Next the Woods Island Lighthouse, square and wood.


Then a little drive down at dirt road to see where it went - because that's what I do.

End of the road!


The East Point Lighthouse, the only octanganal lighthouse on PEI - all the other (except Point Prim) are square and wood, because they were cheaper to build.

The corner timbers are over 45 feet long Black Oak!


Other coastal stuff.



  1. First time mike and I were there, the ferry got stranded in the fog and couldn't dock on PEI for several hours. Enjoying your travels.

  2. Really interesting and so good to see what most people never do. You took a long walk to get the picture of the van that far away. Safe travels and thanks for all the information.