Tuesday, July 12

Much Better

70 instead of yesterday's 55, nice and sunny with no rain!

One of the big attractions on Cape Breton Island is the Cabot Trail, which is a coastal road which circumnavigates the islands northern peninsula and Cape Breton Highlands National Park. Tonight I'm camped at Ingonish Beach a Parks Canada campground, just inside the National Park. The next couple of days I'll be driving the trail, exploring some backroads and hiking (if the weather cooperates).

Today was a nice leisurely 80 mile drive, with surprisingly little traffic, from North Sydney to Ingonish - almost always within sight of water. One of the numerous pullouts overlooked a spit of land going into St. Anns Bay - hey I thought, that looks interesting. A couple of miles down the road I see a sign for Englishtown. My gps nav said go straight, but I turned and then had to listen as it kept saying "turn around" - this is what I found.

The Englishtown Ferry - It's not often that one of my little detours is actually shorter, this one saved me 20 miles
On the spit


Today's bonus pics - because I've got a pretty good wifi connection at the Ingonish Library.