Saturday, October 10

What A Change

Just a few days ago we were on Oregon's coast walking amongst towering cedars on cliffs overlooking the ocean. Today it was hard to believe we were in the same state, as we traveled southeast into the "Oregon Outback" where both trees and water were in short supply and we spent almost the entire day above 5,000 feet (topping out at 6,240). While the coast is certainly more spectacular, the "outback" had its own beauty.

This is NOT a fire - it's blowing Alkali dust from a dry lake
Our Free Outback campsite


These two (not great) pictures show the highway climbing to the top of a Mesa - a 8% grade, a pretty good climb but last month (in Alaska) we were on a gravel road with a 18% grade.

At the bottom
We started way down in the valley



Couldn't resist this little side road



Outback Sunset