Friday, October 16

Slot Experience

Before departing Page we took a tour to explore one of the several Slot Canyons in the area. A slot canyon's defining feature is its narrowness - in Secret Canyon there are places where you need to turn sideways to negotiate the narrow passage. Another "feature" - they can be dangerous, local as well as distant storms can cause dangerous flash flooding and is why having a guide is a good idea. Our group of six (the two old guys and a Argentine family) had a great time - hope you enjoy these photos and remember they can't come close to the real thing if you are ever in the area.

Our transport to Secret Canyon, then we walk
Near the start of the 1200 foot long canyon
One of the narrower sections - the walls here are about 50 feet high




  1. Beautiful. You're not leaving much to see next year.

  2. Wise to use guide. 7 people died during flash flood in a Zion park slot canyon last month. Very tragic.