Saturday, October 31


By now everyone knows about my "no plan" philosophy - which allows for maximum flexibility while moseying down the road. So it will come as no great surprise that this philosophy has as one of its main components one simple thing - curiosity. Curiousity is always rewarded..

For instance:

In Jonesborough, Tennessee for a farmers market
and I found, Andrew Jackson's home while he practiced law in Jonesborough


A little later, while on US23 in Virginia, I was eyeing a really tall railroad trestle and missed a little roadside info turnoff - so . . . (obviously) I turned around to check it out. Beside the info on the trestles their was a mention of a "Natural Tunnel" - remember that little tidbit.

Actually their are two trestle (high and low) - plus see that little road underneath
so, better check it out - because that's what I do
both trestle are still in use


Having checked out the trestles, down the roadI I go - 5 miles later I spot a sign for Natural Tunnel State Park. Tonight's campground, plus more info on this "natural tunnel" thing? Curiosity provides a very nice campsite, a special event (Lighting the Tunnel), plus a concert. No plan, wins again.

The Natural Tunnel turns out to be a cave that is so large it is used as a railroad tunnel - 850 feet long of natural cave, only 50 feet needed to be enlarged to convert it to the railroad tunnel. First used in 1893 and still in use today by the Norfolk Southern. It's a pretty amazing sight.

First, a chairlift down to the canyon floor
the canyon floor and observation deck where the concert took place
The Natural Tunnel
evening concert