Friday, October 30

Ninety Six And Beyond

Sun instead of rain these last two days has certainly made a big difference as we were able to get out of the van and explore a little. One of our stops was in Ninety Six, South Carolina - yup that's a towns name (apparently the town was 96 something's from somewhere, nobody seems to know what or where from). Ninety Six now goes on my most unusual town name list along with Sopchoppy, Fl.

In downtown Ninety Six

The reason we were in Ninety Six was to visit the Ninety Six National Historic Site. The first land battle of the American Revolutionary War fought in South Carolina took place at Ninety Six in 1775 and you can walk the battlefield, and see the Star Fort. It's another one of those battles that no one has heard of, but it's an important part of our history.

After leaving Ninety Six we continued on to Charlotte where I dropped Don off - I'm now a solo traveler for the next week. After seven months in the van we parted still friends and have a ton of great memories.

Today, while in North Carolina, I had an experience that sums up my "no plans" philosophy when traveling. I looked up and saw a hot air ballon - someone with a plan or schedule to keep would enjoy a moment - I followed the ballon for over an hour, even talked to the ground crew. Up, up and way!



Along the road still pretty nice color