Tuesday, October 13

Up & Down

Today, before we left the Great Basin National Park, we headed to the Visitor Center for a tour - we descended 190 feet underground into Lehman Cave. After the cave tour, we drove the Wheeler Peak Scenic Drive - a winding 12 mile road to over 10,000 feet, which offered some great views. Quite a contrast!

Cave lighting does some funny things to colors



The winding two lane road
The valley below
The far off view
Parked near the top


Not just another "long, straight road" pic. I've included this because after I took this photo I (for once) remembered to look at the van's odometer - the road continues (straight as an arrow) until we started to climb a pass through those mountains in the distance, 18 miles away, and this was one of the shorter straight stretches we've driven over the last three days. I certainly find the twisty roads more entertaining.



Decorative tin work at a roadside info center