Tuesday, July 21

Water Water

Will be leaving the Kenai Peninsula tomorrow so thought I would just post some random photos from the last ten days.

Kachemak Bay
It's Alaska, planes park at the side of the road all the time


A couple of bonus (no water) pics.



  1. When does The Island Man come back?

  2. I put a nice comment here on Tuesday and I came back to check if you had posted anything and my commet was gone. The comment from Mike has a different B sign.I comented on the plane parked by the road so they could be picked up and how pretty the flowers were on each side of the van. Have a nice day. I know you will.

  3. Eleanor, the "wonders" of the internet. :( I agree with you on the beauty of the flowers. And, I'm wondering if they were planted there (like here in the States), or if they just grow naturally. In any event, LOVELY!

    Mike, the Island Mon attended our son's wedding on Saturday at Lake Lure, NC. Not sure how long he will be in the area, but he did manage to get everybody together (huge miracle, in and of itself). Conner people are hard headed and stubborn. LOL Jw was Joel's best man and even Kalee showed up, on the back of a motorcycle, with her boyfriend. Imagine that! OHHHHH, and a biggie, Joel and Sheila each held a pup dog, all decked out in wedding attire during the ceremony! ;) Heee Heeee

  4. Oh, almost forgot. Steve, in that picture before last, is that a roof on a shed, a house? Quite weathered. Gotta know!!! And, you were way up HIGH, perspective wise. Another story?