Wednesday, July 29

Can I Give You A Hand

On the road to Denali we made one of our patented side trips on a dead end road - destination Talkeetna. It's a small town (pop 700) that is the starting point for almost all of the climbers who attempt to climb Mount McKinley (this year 1200 tried, 650 reached the summit) and also offers tours and activities for those that aren't into mountain climbing.

First stop - Birch ice cream with birch Carmel Sauce
The the Roadhouse for a late breakfast

Then we headed to the Talkeetna "beach" and encountered this young entrepreneur who was offering a hand to anyone that needed a little help crossing the creek. She had her tip jar out and pitch ready for the steady stream of potential customers - she was doing quite well.


Back on the road we stopped to get our first glimpse of McKinley. It's out there somewhere behind all the clouds - maybe we'll have better luck (and a better photo) later on in the week.




  1. I know you two old foggies needed her help. HaHa

  2. The pictures are really neat. What kind of car is in front of the resturant? Looks like it will be quite a ride to McKinley. Have a safe trip.
    What is on the other side of the creek?
    Thank you.

  3. What a CLEVER young lady!!! I like the looks of that town! Birch ice cream?

  4. Oh, and, Steve? Your blog CAPTIONS are spot on!! Always! Do you mull over them, or do they just come to you?