Saturday, July 18

Halibut Cove

I'm still in Homer and decided I'd take a little sea voyage - destination Halibut Cove which is across Kachemak Bay from Homer. Lucked into calm seas and sun for the short (45 minutes) trip aboard the Danny J (a 75 year old wooden vessel orriginally built for the U.S. Navy) that now serves as a ferry for residents and visitors to Ismailof island in the cove. Ismailof has fewer than 25 fulltime residents and no roads (you get around via kayak or boat) so it's the perfect place if you like peace and quiet. After arriving I hiked to the overlook above the lighthouse, visited two art galleries, had dinner at The Salty, then boarded the Danny J back to Homer. Nice way to spend the evening.





  1. Jacob got to be the helmsman on the Danny J last week. He drove the boat all the way across the bay!

  2. Beautiful island! wonderful architecture, too, and your photo composition captures it all perfectly.

  3. Your detailes of the day were great. And what great pictures for one day.. I wonder where the 25 residents shop for food? I guess they take the ferry to Homer.

  4. I wondered why you were writing I and not we, but today I see Don went home.Is he alright?

  5. Eleanor, he will be back, came home for his sons wedding

    1. Thank you Sarah. Glade to hear it was a special thing for him to be home.