Monday, July 27

Taking Care Of Business

I've been here in Anchorage for the last four days and have enjoyed the little break from traveling. On the mundane side I got the van serviced, did the laundry, and stocked the van with groceries - not very exciting, but necessary. But I also managed a concert, a couple of museums, a film on the Northern Lights, and found several very good restaurants.

Also had a first for the trip - a blog reader offered the use of their driveway for overnight parking, so my campground expense for the five nights in Anchorage was a whopping $15. Rick and Phyllis also had me over for dinner - thanks guys, I really enjoyed your hospitality.

While I managed to stay pretty busy, I didn't take many photos - so you're stuck with two more airplane pics. More exciting stuff soon as Don returns tonight and we are off to Denali.