Friday, July 31

1st Day in Denali

Today we were out and about in Denali for a little over nine hours, managed to hike/walk 6+ miles, took a guided ranger hike, attended a talk on the eagles of Denali, visited the sled dog kennel, tried out the shuttle system and saw both moose and caribou. It was a very full day.

A red squirrel had this mushroom drying before storing it away


At the sled dog kennel. All these dogs are Alaskan Huskies even though they may look quite different. They are K9 Rangers and are work dogs (they haul everything from Rangers on patrol, to scientists and their equipment, and construction material). During the winter work season they will average 3000 miles doing their thing.


Just in case, I've labbled these next two pics.




Just a pretty rock