Thursday, July 30

Denali National Park and Preserve

We're here! Arrived around noon, got settled in at Riley Campground and stopped by the Visitor Center and the Wilderness Access Center (most of the 6 million plus acres in this park is wilderness and you move around either by hiking, biking, or by using a shuttle bus) so we could figure out our "plan" for our stay. As is typical (for us) we don't do things the "normal" way - we will stay in all three of the park's campground that accept vehicles and two of those allow us to drive into the park (most other visitors must use the shuttle bus) so we wanted to make sure we understood the "system" before we started wandering around.

Today's weather was alternating sun and rain showers, typical for this part of Alaska. The "Tall One" (Mount McKinley) was obscured by clouds and the only wildlife we've seen is the squirrel that is sharing the campsite with us, so photo opportunities were limited. Hopefully more exciting/interesting stuff will follow over the next week.



  1. Post a lot of pictures now please. More than normal for us flatlanders.

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  3. I know you will find plenty to photograph. Will be looking forward to them. Enjoy and be safe.