Friday, June 5

Our First "Haul Road"

Getting to the the Alces Lake Campground on Whiteswan Lake was an interesting little drive. First, just in case you're not familiar the term "haul road" - a haul road is most often a dirt/gravel road whose main purpose is to support a local industry - in this case, it was logging. The primary users are big/heavy trucks, that you want to stay away from - i.e. avoid becoming a hood ornament! We didn't see a single big truck - but their road was both bumpy and big time muddy.

When we turned onto the road this it what greeted us:



Our campsite for the night
We had a nice view, even with the rain


Our reward for the rough ride on our first haul road - why of course, a nice soak in the riverside hot spring just down the road from our campsite. Life is good!