Monday, June 15

Alaska!! But Only For a Few Hours

Yesterday it was Totem Poles, today was glacier day as we drove a winding mountain road to Stewart BC, then on to Hyder, Alaska. Our final destination was the Salmon Glacier, the largest road accessible glacier in the world. The drive on a winding mountain road was spectacular and took us from BC into Alaska, then back into BC, back to Alaska, and tomorrow back into British Columbia - everyone got that straight? After we got to the overlook we found out the road only opened last week, lots of snow still around on this road to nowhere.

Highway 37A to Stewart
The Bear River - that's crystal clear water you're looking at.
Bear Glacier




First glimpse of the Salmon Glacier
At the overlook, in front of us
At the overlook, to our left - the valley is 1000 feet below the overlook


After a hard day we stopped for fish & chips at "The Bus" in Hyder. Fresh caught halibut cooked by a lady who knows how to cook it, Great!