Thursday, June 25

Finally, Alaska!

Today we left Dawson on the Top Of The World highway - 160 miles of mostly gravel road - with Alaska finally within reach. After 9432 miles and 81 days we headed toward the northernmost border crossing in North America - for comparison, a direct route from Bardstown, Kentucky, would have been under 4000 miles.

First step, get across the Yukon River. Because the van is so small we were able to jump ahead of all the big rigs in line. Quick 10 minutes and we were on the other side.


Next challenge, the Top Of The World highway. A little rough and muddy - but hey, traffic was very light. This road has some great views, but with the smoke from several big wildfires we couldn't see much. The border crossing was supper easy - and wer're back (remember our 19 hours in Hyder) in Alaska.


This not so modern road grader at the entrance to our BLM Campground.