Monday, June 29

Getting There

Tonight we are in McCarthy, a place Alaskans call an "end of the road" place - actually, their are numerous "end of the road" places in Alaska and I'm pretty sure this won't be our last. To get to these places usually means a gravel/dirt road, some dust and/or mud, and lots of bumps. The pluses - no crowds, great scenery, and a guaranteed surprise or two.

The Kuskulana River Bridge
It's single lane is 238 feet above the river
Fuel Stop - we've got to have our ice cream

Gilahina Trestle - no longer in use, was built in 1911 in eight days


After 60 miles the end of the road and surprise - you park and walk the last half mile to town.





Turn in tomorrow to see why we drove to the end of this particular road.