Tuesday, June 9


We've spent the last day in and around the small town (pop 5,000) of Jasper, Alberta - which is actually inside Jasper National Park. Last night we did a historic walking tour and the morning we did a 6 mile hike. Both activities were organized by the Friends of Jasper National Park and led by energetic volunteers. If you are ever in Jasper stop by the Friends Information Center - great people that will make your stay in Jasper even more enjoyable.

The Historic Tour had loads of interesting info about this small (but very important) railroad town that ended up surrounded by a very big National Park. The most unusual Jasper story - Bing Crosby, a frequent summer visitor to Jasper to play golf, decided to make a winter visit to ski. During that visit, that included Christmas, he sang Silent Night with the choir in the local Catholic Church - not many tiny churches can say that.

Jasper Tran Station
Anglican Church
Our First Totem


This morning we did the Five Lakes Hike - a little longer, harder and faster than our usual hike, but we survived and saw some great scenery.