Thursday, May 14

Much Better

Sunny and 75 today was a big improvement over the last few days, and we took full advantage of the change. First we visited the Scotts Bluff National Mounment, then the Legacy of the Plains museum and finally Chimney Rock.

At Scotts Bluff, Don hiked to the top (I drove) and we were both rewarded with a great view of the surrounding countryside. The Bluff was a major landmark for early settlers traveling West on the Oregon, California, and Mormon Trails and also for the intrepid Pony Express riders as they all passed near the base of this 800 foot bluff above the North Platte River.

View from the top of Scotts Bluff


Down the road we visited the Legacy of the Plains museum, another small town effort to preserve a piece of America"s history. They had this interesting help wanted flyer. Neither Don nor I are "young" or "skinny" so we decided not to apply.

A short drive and we were at the Chimney Rock National Historic Site. They had a small visitors center and a very good short film about the significance of this spire to those traveling West.