Monday, May 4

Happy Trails

Today's tale actually starts last night on our drive from Duncan to Camp Doris (NFS CG) in the Wichita Mountains Wldlife Refuge where we got another hint that we were indeed out West. A herd of free range Longhorn cattle was blocking the road. Everyone patiently waited (the cattle weren't in a hurry) for the herd to relocate, then off we go. We barely get up to speed and instead of cattle its buffalo in the field - quick stop, and I play buffalo stalker.

We finally get into the campground and see some deer, then another camper says we should watch for the buffalo that just wandered through his campsite.

After a good nights sleep (never did see the campground buffalo) we drove to the top of Mount Scott. Great view and we meet a young lady that had lived in Juneau, Alaska for five years.

Next a 3 mile hike to Oak Post Falls which was a little dry so no picture. Did see this little guy on the way.

And finally, a bonus picture - just because it was such a nice day. Happy Trails!