Wednesday, May 20

Hiking The Badlands

After a cool (cold) night, we awoke to sun and it eventually got to the mid 50s - much better for hiking. We had spent the night camped in the Badlands National Park, so a short drive and we were on the Medicine Root Trail - which was a loop trail of just under five miles. At first glance the Badlands look pretty barren - then you start noticing what's around you. It's greener than the pictures indicate, with wildflowers, grasses, cacti, small trees and bushes - we even saw mushrooms. Lots of birds, and another surprise - a frog. And, of course, the interesting rock formations - made for one of the most interesting hikes we've been on.


We also came across this rock picture left by a creative hiker that had proceeded us.


No Buffalo out here, but we did see a half dozen Longhorn Sheep.