Friday, May 8

Great Historic Site - Bad Storm

We'd been hearing about a National Historic Site - Bent's Old Fort - in Southeastern Colorado for over a week, so we've been heading in that general direction for a few days. Today we entered Colorado, our ninth state since we started our adventure, and it was cold and rainy. We arrived at Bent's Old Fort and saw a little sun. The fort itself is really an amazing place to visit. First built in 1833 the Fort was a major trading center and rest stop on the Santa Fe Trail for over 15 years. What we visited today was a reconstruction (based upon drawings done in 1846) that was completed in 1976, and is the only such reconstruction in the National Park System.

After visiting the Fort we headed down the road toward La Junta and a darkening sky. We took a look at the weather radar and decided it might be a good idea to stay in town until a storm passed. Arriving in La Junta we spotted a Sonic Drive In and decided we needed a chocolate malt (it's always important to prioritize) but after getting our malts, decided it best to relocate to a nearby car wash for some shelter. GOOD IDEA! Pretty good hail storm.

As the MapShare end of day tag says, "All is well".