Tuesday, May 19

Mount Rushmore and it's . . . .

SNOWING! The less than great weather continues to follow us (meanwhile it's thirty degrees warmer in Alaska) as we awoke this morning to snow and temps in the thirties. Even with the poor weather the monument was impressive and the big plus - fewer people because of the weather. We hiked the Presidential Trail, took a few pictures and then headed for Rapid City.


In Rapid City we stopped by the Air and Space Museum at Ellsworth Air Force Base. Back in the Cold War days the base was the command center for several Minuteman missile squadrons, today it's the home of a B1 bomber wing. Don and I played - guess the airplanes name - while wandering through the large collection of aircraft. Tuned out to be both informative and fun.


While waiting for Don in the parking lot I even managed to snap this photo of a B1 on a training flight.