Thursday, February 9

Two Baja Tales

First The Whales

Yesterday we took a whale tour, departing the Whale Watching Center in Adolfo Lopez Mateos, we were out for two hours on nice calm seas. The whale sightings were plentiful (nearly 30 total) plus two pods of dolphins, we had a great time. The problem, it's very hard to get a good picture of something that pops up and then disappears a few seconds later - even when they are pretty close to the boat. Photos can't always do justice to the experience, and this is a great example.

We Really Tried

After leaving Adolfo Lopez Mateos, we had this grand plan that entailed leaving the main road for a scenic drive to our next campground - only 133 miles away. Unfortunately, the route was more than my trusty ProMaster could handle, the "road" we had selected was little more than a two lane track across the desert. In fact it was part of the race route for the Baja 500. We turned around twice - one of those turnarounds entailed backing up over 3/4 of a mile, with Don walking behind the van giving me directions over the 2way radio. After traveling 127 miles (tantalizingly close to our objective) we found ourselves overlooking the Pacific, and at the roads end - with nowhere to go. With the sun setting, we decided to camp in the dunes and have a nice meal. The plus, it's nice a quiet out here - wherever the heck we are.

The good part
Stuck on the hill
Road crew, hard at work

Our accidental campsite turned out to be pretty nice.