Monday, February 27

Back In The USA

While much can be said about how great it is to travel and experience a foreign country it's always nice to be back on home soil. When you travel as I do, camping in a van, it doesn't take long to appreciate an often overlooked perk we have here in the USA - our national parklands. Just an hour and a half after crossing the border we are pulling into our campsite in the Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument. Then it's off on a self guided tour in the van. After dinner Don attends a ranger program on stargazing (courtesy of the "dark skies" that surround the campground). The next day we drive a 21 mile gravel loop road thru the park and get in a good hike. We really enjoyed our two night stay - so, as the Park Service says, "Welcome to Your Park" - everyone should get out and enjoy these national treasures.
The "Organ Pipe Cactus" is on the left