Monday, February 20

Baja Surprise!

Remember the rainy day post? Today, on down the road we saw some of the results from that rain. First, all the dusty little towns along Mex1 had been turned into muddy (lots and lots of mud) little towns - not pretty. Then I spotted a sign for the Parque Nacional Sierra de San Pedro Martir and the Observatorio Astonomico Nacional, and we decided to make one of our infamous sidetrips! Off we go, nice road, winding our way up into the mountains.

Then the Baja Surprise! SNOW!
The Park Ranger said they got almost two feet and that the campground was closed.

The campground was closed because of the snow (20+ inches) but the Park Ranger let us park overnight in the parking lot. And, to complete the saga, we got stuck and the Ranger had to pull us out. I pretty sure being stuck in beach sand and snow in the same week must be some sort of Baja record.