Saturday, February 4

This IS Baja

Everyone, I expect, has a picture of Baja in their mind. For the last four days, just south of Mulege on Bahia Concepcion we found ours - we're parked 50 feet from the bay, crystal clear water (luminescent at night), great views and we only needed to share Playa Escondido with 12 other vehicles as the road into this hidden beach is not "big rig" friendly. Parked next to our very own palapa (thatched hut) we've settled in for a couple of days. While taking it easy we had local vendors visit us each day with fresh fish, vegetables, baked goods, empanadas, firewood, and surprise - a 4WD ice cream truck. All this plus some interesting people, ment a very enjoyable break.

Don climbed a hill. See the van?