Wednesday, August 12

The Road

When folks talk about "The Road" in Alaska they mean the Dalton Highway (sometimes still referred to as the North Slope Haul Road or just Haul Road, because its original purpose was a supply road to the North Slope oil fields). Today's road is vastly improved from the early days when it was one of the deadliest (and challenging) roads in the world - but you still need to be prepared and pay attention. Our destination was Wiseman, Alaska (60 miles north of the Arctic Circle) not the end of the road at Deadhorse - we just weren't all that interested in doing 900 miles on a gravel road - the 500 miles we did drive on our round trip had everything from excellent blacktop, to very rough gravel roads, with plenty of slippery mud (it rained for most the trip) - lots of fun!

The good,
the bad,
and the ugly (trying to make a flooded portion passable)
Visible for most of the drive was the pipeline
Lunch at the Hot Spot in Joy
The 24 people that live in Wiseman no longer have a post office
Just a view on a cool and cloudy day
On the way back with my new haul road paint job




  1. Looks like a nice wrap job by Who Did That! HaHa

  2. Great pictures! I wonder how they get mail? At least they had a place to eat. I guess the rain wasn't hard enough to clean the van. Looks like the red dust in NC. Not too many get to see the Artic circle. Thanks again. I could send this any way but by Anonymous..
    From Eleanor