Sunday, August 9


Gorgeous day today (sunny and 75) as we arrived in Fairbanks around noon. First stop was Pioneer Park - one of those tourist places that we usually avoid. We were presently surprised as we found overnight parking for $12, a historical park, air museum, and a Salmon Bake (restaurant) where we had prime rib.


The park is a collection of over 60 historic buildings that have been relocated to form Pioneer Park. The buildings (most are log) now house little museums, others are shops and restaurants.. Spent most of the afternoon walking around and then enjoyed some live music at the gazebo.

Nearly every building had one of these plaques


The air museum was great - of course Don and I are always ready for anything aviation related.


And, surprise, I found something Panama related (for those that don't know, Jane and I lived in Panama for five years before moving to Kentucky).

Before coming to Alaska to work during the gold rush this shovel helped dig the Panama Canal



Just resting after a hard day


Special Note: We are probably heading north to the Arctic Circle tomorrow - not likely to have Internet service, so no posts for a couple of days.