Saturday, August 15

Ice Cream Tale

Leaving Fairbanks we made a roadhouse stop just outside Delta Junction for a little walk and then into town for a stop at the visitor information center to see what was happening - not much. Then I notice a sign mentioning Northern Lights Dairy, the maker of the "best ice cream in Alaska" and my Little tale begins. I ask the lady "where can we get some"? "Best place for you would be the IGA just down the road", she says. I explain that we don't want a gallon and that maybe a trip to the actual dairy might be interesting. Well the dairy is 16 miles away (32 miles round trip) - a mere trifle for us long way folk. In the process of getting directions it turns out that the 16 miles might be kilometers (she still gets the two confused) and the drive might be shorter (or longer) - not to sure at this point. But off we go, what the hey - turns out it was only 8 miles. We find the farm, Don hops out to inquire about a couple of scoops, whoops - only thing they have are five gallon tubs and though we really like our ice cream, that's a bit much for even us. So Don asks where we might get a taste - why, at the IGA the farmer says (seems like we had just heard that somewhere, oh yea). Only other place, around here, might be the Trophy Lodge - we get directions and off we go. Surprise, we find the place - it's closed, BUT, the door isn't locked so in we go. Only person there is the chef, he's prepping for dinner, and I ask if we might get two dishes of Norhern Lights ice cream - he looks a little puzzled, but says the ice cream is in the freezer (pointing at it) grab a bowl (another point) and help yourself. Even had toppings by the freezer so we each made a sundae. And you know what - it was pretty darn good stuff. Now for the wrap up to this too long tale - we polished off our sundaes and I when I asked how much, the chef smiles and says "no charge, you guys have a nice day". Moral - Good things happen when you take the long way.