Wednesday, August 19

Déjà Vu

Some background: The van has a Webasto heater that heats the van's interior and provides hot water. This type of heater is quite common in the marine industry, but not so much in RVs. It's been doing a great job with keeping us toasty during the cold nights. Only one little problem - although it can run on deisal I've been trying to use kerosene because it burns cleaner and here in Alaska, kerosene has been hard to find.

The tale: While on the Homer Spit today I remembered that someone had mentioned that the marine fuel terminal might have kerosene, so I stopped by to ask. No kerosene, but the man behind the counter said everyone uses Jet A (yes, jet airplane fuel) in those type heaters in Alaska, works fine. So I decide, good enough for them - good enough for me, I tell the guy I probably need under two gallons - no problem. So, off to the pumps, the counter man and two truck drivers (they need to move two tankers so I can park next to the pump) - he pumps 1.4 gallons while we talk about the van and our travels. Finished, he says "well, thats not even worth writing a ticket for - you guys have a good day".